Our customers are at the very centre of what we do and we work hard to establish your trust. Our service is unrivalled by any other travel company in the industry – we’ll often leave bread and milk on your doorstep for when you arrive home from holiday. We deliver on our promises and we get to know you so well that we’ll be able to predict what you want before you even ask for it. It’s this that makes us exceptional.

Travel Counsellors love their jobs and are so passionate about surpassing their customers’ expectations that there are few things we won’t do for their customers. We publish a book filled with 100s of tales from very satisfied customers every year. These include arranging a surprise upgrade, collecting stranded customers from half way across Europe, or locating a lost teddy bear.

Travel Counsellors customers chat about what makes us special

We hear from some Travel Counsellors' customers as they tell us what makes our company so special.

Some of our stories

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Melanie Parsons

Travel Counsellor

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Lynn Colpitts

Booking with you is like booking my trip with my best friend!

What makes us so different is that we take real pride in our work and view our actions as a direct reflection of each individual charater, and you as a person.

I had deliver almost all of my clients' tickets - I like them to know I have a face and I am not just a voice.

I often work until the early hours to find the perfect getaway - it's doing the things other people wouldnt which makes us so special.