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William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice Act II, scene VII would have it that “All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told”.  But as fan and a man of the Seventies I’ll take ‘”All that glitters is gold” from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ any day of the week! 


More on the benefits that gold brings shortly!


Just being a part of the Travel Counsellors global family is reward enough for more than three decades of hard work and dedication to an industry I am passionate about.  Indeed, since my ‘baptism of fire’ as a holiday representative in Tangiers (© 1977), I have always treasured being in a business that allows me to bring pleasure to people’s lives each and every day of the week.  How lucky am I?


But this month has been a very special milestone in my career.  I’ve achieved Gold (ref. my intro)!  This means that in a company of world class travel professionals, I am now recognised as one of the top performing Travel Counsellors in the world.  Now that is a privilege indeed.  And it feels great. 


Of course reaching the rarefied atmosphere of ‘Gold’ doesn’t come easily to anyone.  Years of commitment and dedication to my valued customers is a given (it’s what we all do at Travel Counsellors) but without the support of my loved ones, colleagues and an amazing team at Travel Counsellors HQ,  it just would not have been possible.  So I owe a debt of gratitude to them all.  And to my faithful customers and those who spread the word of my services to. Gold has provided me with an even greater desire to be the best holiday and travel organiser that I can be.


But I have an added incentive to provide an unrivalled service. 


Perhaps uniquely, I specialise in facilitating worldwide travel for people who have very specific access, mobility and other special requirements.  Often this means tailor-making life transforming holidays and journeys for customers who are now able to experience the wonders of the world that may previously have been inaccessible to them.  Now that is truly rewarding.  So if ever motivation were needed to achieve Gold, then there it is.  Right there.


So now it’s onwards and upwards and with the Festive Season in sight, it’s time for us all to glitter!  Whoops, there’s the phone.  Time to make someone happy.



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