Lisa ‘weathers the storm’ for her customers

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Snow Lisa

As Winter Storm Nika sweeps across a large swathe of the USA, from the Midwest to the North-east Atlantic seaboard, it is causing disruption to a host of transport services in the country.


Two of those affected were Travel Counsellor Lisa Hillyard’s customers Mr & Mrs Bradshaw from Leicestershire. They had been celebrating their wedding anniversary with a trip to New York this week but were panicked to find their flight home had been cancelled due to the weather conditions.


A call to their trusty TC Lisa and she set into action. She was determined to make sure her stranded customers returned home promptly and safely. Within a short space of time Lisa posted the below on facebook, to which she got an influx of ‘likes’ and comments, including from the couple’s concerned family and friends thanking her for coming to the rescue.



Here’s Lisa’s post….



“Poor clients had a cancelled flight coming home from New York but with me on hand, and not accepting what the airline offered, I have managed to get them on another flight in three hours i.e. the first flight out of New York in the morning, rather than them having to wait another 14hrs in the airport. Let’s hope this one gets off the ground and the snow stays away until they are in the air. It’s always a pleasure to help lovely clients but guess that is why they book with me....they know when the going gets tough I get going! Safe journey back guys and happy anniversary xx”



The final comment on the post is from none other than Lisa’s customers who, after a long flight home, responded from the airport.



“Thank you so much Lisa for getting us home on the earlier flight! It has been an awful journey back...and they have just told us the baggage doors are frozen closed so we have a delay on that too! At least we had a fantastic time while we were there! Thanks again xx”



Now that’s what we call going above and beyond. Now we wonder if Lisa managed to get those baggage doors open for them too...?


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