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I love my job. I get to teach people how to set what others would call ‘impossible goals’. Goals for their lives, their careers and their businesses… then most importantly how they can achieve them.


I have been doing this for 22 years and have an incredible team behind me. It has been so rewarding to help our array of clients accomplish some great things. From winning the FA Cup to taking home the Ashes (remember them?!), we have worked with an abundance of sporting stars and international teams to enable them to achieve the ultimate success in their field. This alongside traditionally working with household blue chip names including IKEA, British Airways, Rolls Royce, Royal Mail and of course Travel Counsellors.


However, in 1992, when I set off on this quest, inspired by W Clement Stone, who founded AON, it was to motivate ANYONE who wanted to be inspired, not to work with the rich and famous.


An early read of mine way back in the late 1980s was ‘The Empty Raincoat’ by Charles Handy. He forecast the entrepreneurial economy, and a society of ‘portfolio’ career people, would seek quality and meaning from their working lives. I remember thinking ‘yes Charles, you will inspire this revolution, and I will create and sustain their motivation so that they can achieve whatever they dream of’.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the very essence of Project Me.


One of my four daughters said to me recently, “Dad, is Project Me about making us a nation of the best?”


“I suppose it is” was my reply.


When I coach large corporate or sporting clients on a one to one basis it can be costly. However the Project Me philosophy and approach means our material is now more accessible to every single person looking to realise their goals and be successful.


In 2012 we took the concept to five countries around the world and worked with well over 1,000 people. The results were every bit as good as we achieve when we work one to one.  Some clients, who had experienced both, said the large group party atmosphere created by a Project ME event was even better.


So, if you really are serious about your life, your career, your business; if you would like to know what our clients, who are the biggest companies in the world and the highest achievers in sport, know about winning; and if you really want to achieve what you are truly capable of in 2014, then I encourage you to PROVE it and sign up.


Your life.  Your future.  Your responsibility.  Your choice.  Your chance.


Your Project Me.


Put yourself first in 2014.


Create the life you dream of.


See you there.


Michael Finnigan

Michael is CEO of ‘impossible to inevitable’ and Project Me. 


Project Me is a three day course at The Reebok Stadium, Bolton, March 7th & 8th and May 10th 2014.


Because there will be over 100 people in the room the cost of working with Michael reduces to £799, a fraction of the cost of working with him one to one. Attendees may also be entitled to government funding (please see website below for details).


During the three days, you will have a lot of fun, learn all about your strengths and what makes you tick, and most importantly learn how to set and achieve goals you will be proud of and delighted with for the rest of your life.


For further information and to sign up visit


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