TC Family Day 2014: Being a part of something special

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Family Day

I joined Travel Counsellors just under a year ago and had heard all about the ‘Family Fun Days’ so as soon as this year’s was announced at Alton Towers I quickly registered my husband, daughter and I to attend.

There was great excitement as the day approached as Jessica, our 4 year old, had never been to a theme park before and was very excited to visit CBeebies Land and also to meet some other Travel Counsellors in ‘real life’!

The day itself was fantastic and organisation brilliant, from the moment we arrived we felt we were part of something special. It was lovely to wear the specially designed t shirts and to be able to recognise other Travel Counsellors and smile and have a chat with them throughout the day. It was a great opportunity to meet people that I had only spoken to ‘virtually’ before!

Over the delicious lunch we had a short presentation from Steve Bryne, our Managing Director and Angela Hall from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line showcasing their fabulous cruises. Something Steve said really stuck a chord with me, he spoke about Travel Counsellors and how the day was for them and their family’s to enjoy, as that’s what Travel Counsellors is all about.

This is one of the main reasons I joined Travel Counsellors, it really is like being part of a large extended family. The company support and encourage you to succeed in your business with fantastic training and technology, plus the business development team are always there to support you. I can spend more time with my husband and our daughter and can work around the school run, meaning I am available for my clients at hours that suits them and am always only a phone call away. I feel so lucky to have achieved a perfect work and family life balance.

My family thoroughly enjoyed our first Travel Counsellors family fun day and shall definitely be there next year - although we hopefully won’t get as wet on the log flume next time!

I’m looking forward to celebrating my first year as a Travel Counsellor and cannot wait to see what the future holds. I absolutely love what I do and have only one regret – why on earth didn’t I become a Travel Counsellors earlier!!


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