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I only joined Travel Counsellors 20 months ago, but what a 20 months it’s been!

When making the decision to join the company one thing that really stood out was the range of IT products and support that would be available to me when running my business. The ‘pièce de résistance’ of this is the company’s in-house dynamic packaging system, Phenix.

As well as being user friendly and really easy to navigate, the system allows me to efficiently produce results and costs, and then professionally pass them to clients. It has proved priceless in securing those sought after words… “That’s great, let’s get it booked”, then when the deal is finalised it is so easy to complete the booking. Not to sound too contrived but, quite frankly, it is amazing and has been invaluable in helping me build my business.

It’s great to know that there are a large team of specialists constantly working on developing this booking technology to support me. This includes the development of the ‘Quote and Book’ system earlier this year, which has really taken this product to another level. It allows me to dynamically package low-cost flights with accommodation from a bed bank and transfers, whilst being able to recheck availability at the click of a button. I am in control of my own margin but can still price competitively. The professional quote produced is also well received by my clients. So it works well for both me and my clients.

I like things that are simple and easy to use and this certainly is. I also love the ability to include low-cost airlines into the package. So many places now are only served by low-cost airlines so it’s a great development.  It allows a standard professional quote to be produced no matter what the level of enquiry.  I also admire the fact that if something does go wrong you have an army of specialists and colleagues willing to help and sort it 24/7. Where else on the planet do you get that level of support and absolute genuine desire to help? I don’t know many myself.

A key benefit of having access to this level of efficient technology is also the time I save when using it. It gives me the opportunity to market my business and get out and about to meet people, even if it’s on the Golf Course!

The fantastic booking tools have also allowed me to achieve the company’s top performing ‘Gold’ status in just 14 months. What a feeling that was. The internal Intranet system shows you clearly how your sales are doing and how close you are to achieving Gold. I find this a massive motivator. It is also unbelievably motivating when your colleagues at Head Office and beyond are also encouraging and supporting you on a daily basis. I have never had that level of total support. I think it is unique and very impressive. It is a big family and we all want each other to do well.

My journey as a Travel Counsellor so far has been incredible. All I can say is roll on the next 20 months!


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