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Celebrity Cruise

I was very fortunate to take part in an exclusive Celebrity Cruises event, which took training days to a whole new level! One of the perks of being a Travel Counsellor is that I get invited to some prestigious events in the world of travel, and this latest one was no exception. Celebrity really pulled out all the stops to create an interactive training day, with a difference.

Cruise is a growing market within our industry as it offers customer the opportunity to visit so many different destinations in one holiday, while also offering such great value for money with all food included. There really is a cruise for everyone – with different ships, different itineraries, different themes and all to suit different budgets!

The day started in a lovely chic café near London Bridge station where we met for breakfast and enjoyed a cup of coffee and boiled eggs with soldiers.

The morning’s training presentation was short but informative and mostly concentrated on the cabins, restaurants and food that Celebrity offers, plus the clientele they often attract. We learnt some interesting facts on the day, for example - did you know that on-board Celebrity Reflection, you can enjoy a cantilever shower? Pure luxurious - it looks AMAZING!

Next we had a ‘tasting’ session all around Borough Food Market, tasting food from various stalls all based on the different restaurants on-board the ships. It was a great experience, tasting a range of food from pasta to health drinks to cheese and even wine! It was a fun way of ensuring that we remember the information and what’s more, it worked!  Celebrity pride themselves on ‘Epic meals in stunning spaces’ and our little taster really showed this.

Lastly we were treated to a view from The Shard and it was the perfect day for it too!  The sun was shining and London gleamed. With Celebrity it’s all about creating memories and for us, it definitely was a great day to remember.

I look forward to selling more cruises with Celebrity as I feel I have gained so much more knowledge from a morning of outstanding training.  I can’t wait to share all the tips and insights with my customers.


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