Will customers pay for service?

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‘Customers won’t pay for services’ - this is ‘the big lie’. Customers will pay for service. In fact, customers are paying for service right now. The truth is that some people won’t pay for service, and that means those people aren’t your customers.

Every business has ‘dream clients’. These are the clients from whom you can create breath-taking, jaw dropping, earth shattering value and who are willing to pay for that value. Your dream clients want the service you provide. They want to pay someone for that very service. But they need that someone to be a value creator.

You have to create more value for your client than the transactional choices they might make. Look, anyone can book a ticket on the Internet, so that can’t be the extent of the value you create. You have to care enough to go the extra mile (or kilometer) to provide value above and beyond what is expected. You also have to be proactive, thinking about what your client needs before they even recognise it as a need. You have to spend time with your clients understanding their needs, wants, and desires at a level that no transactional option could possibly understand, be it the Internet or the High Street. 

It’s no lie that many companies and many industries are trying to be more and more transactional. They are driving down prices, and some are even capturing market share. Those of us who understand the game are grateful for these transactional players. They make it easy for us to differentiate ourselves and the level of service we provide. By treating everything as a transaction and driving ‘caring’ out of the business, they leave an enormous opportunity for those of us who find meaning in our work, who believe in the value of relationships, and who want to make a difference for our clients. And, more still, by treating clients who want services as a transaction, they send these clients flying straight into our arms.

Some people won’t pay for services. But for those of us with the heart to create value and care deeply, our clients gladly pay for services. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

That is why Travel Counsellors’ customers return time and time again. These customers know their agent truly cares about their wants, needs, desires and dreams. They want to make that dream holiday a reality, and they want to be there every step of the way. And in turn they have a support team behind them that genuinely cares too. That focus all their time and energy into helping each individual agent grow a business based purely on providing the very best personal service.

So if your passion lies in caring, in making your customers smile and creating value in the service you provide, why not get in touch and make your dream a reality. It might just be the best decision you will ever make.

Anthony Iannarino is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and author, and works closely with Travel Counsellors to train and motivate agents as well as appearing regularly at our events and conferences throughout the year.


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