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Partner Day

When my wife Lizzie told me about the opportunity to visit her company’s head office in Bolton for one of their ‘Partner Days’ I was very keen to get involved. It struck me as a unique idea and really showed the emphasis Travel Counsellors puts into the support they offer their agents.

Lizzie has been in the travel industry a long time, building up a wealth of experience in her career. It was the end of 2013 when we approached Travel Counsellors to see if Lizzie could become a part of the company.

This was a big decision for us to make, as we actually had our own corporate travel business that we had built up, and as it was our ‘baby’, we weren’t sure if we were doing the right thing or not.

On our initial trip to ‘Sunny Bolton’ we were met by a lovely lady from recruitment, and we had an in-depth discussion about Travel Counsellors, their business ethos, plus how the company and individual Travel Counsellors operate.

We were overjoyed to discover a few weeks later that Lizzie had been accepted into the company and it has been the best decision we have ever made. In fact, we wish we had made it earlier!

Lizzie doesn’t see her business as a job, but as a hobby that she is passionate and enthusiastic about. Her favourite quote is; “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!” I struggle to get her out of the office to have something to eat or even go to bed, sometimes!

But, at the end of the day, if she’s happy, I’m happy. I tend to be the chief cook and bottle washer when I’m at home, if I’m not either networking for her or playing drums in my punk band.

After seeing the amazing support she receives from the company, and having always assisted and supported Lizzie in any way I could, I wanted to be more hands on in her Travel Counsellors business, so that’s why I jumped at the chance to attend the Partner Day on 9th April. These dedicated training days give partners like me a chance to learn more about the company and how they can help and support their TC partner.

I knew that I wanted to play a part in making Lizzie’s business a massive success.

After meeting the business development team at Partner Day, I knew that Lizzie had made the right decision in becoming a personal Travel Counsellor. The training was invaluable, informative and gave me some brilliant advice into networking on Lizzie’s behalf.

It was training, but in a very relaxing atmosphere. I felt that I was now part of the ‘crew,’ rather than just a husband at home looking in. Oh, and I received a certificate too! I also met some of the other partners there on the day looking to support their ‘better’ halves too, which was nice, in order to compare notes!

I have embraced my ambassadorial role (still waiting on the little flags for my car though?) and now I’m out and about networking on her behalf.  Also, being able to data input into her customer management system – the contact centre, saves her a lot of valuable time, along with sending out information packs to her customers etc.

We are now looking to the future, to build this business to the maximum and seeing again some of the lovely Travel Counsellors staff and agents that we have met and have still yet to meet. We have booked for the 20th year anniversary conference this year, and we can’t wait for it! It’s so and exciting and fulfilling to play a part in something so special.


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