TC Kids is a dedicated school holiday activity programme for the children of our Travel Counsellors.  It allows busy mums and dads to carry on running their businesses. The programme has its own internal social website which is completely secure so kids from across the globe can share, interact and learn from one another. We have also held a TC Family Day at Alton Towers, where fun was had by all, from toddlers to grandparents.

I'd like to go back to Portugal with all my family and stay in a villa again. I love it when all my family are together as we always have a great time together and fantastic barbeques

Lewis Bonnar, aged 9 

Son of Travel Counsellor, Julie Bonnar

My favourite thing about holidays is sitting by the pool and playing in the sun. I love getting up when it is still dark to go and catch the plane, it's so exiting!

Oliver Hayes, aged 6
Son of Travel Counsellor, Lyndsey Hayes

I really want to go to Africa as they have lots of food, like bacon and everything

Joel Coller, aged 8

Client of Travel Counsellor, Dawn Broome

One of my favourite holidays was when we went to Africa. I loved seeing the amazing animals close up (especially the bush baby that fell on my head)

Sara Studwick, aged 10

Client of Travel Counsellor, Sue Jaffrelot