We run a programme of TC Partner Days throughout the year.  As we are a family owned and run business, we understand that your business has an impact on your partner.  Our support does not end with you as a TC.  Therefore the Partner Day is an opportunity for the person who supports you the most at home to come to head office and learn what Travel Counsellors is all about.  They’ll get the chance to experience the friendly ethos that makes us so special and will get a feel for how the company operates.


Partners will be able to meet the business development manager who supports their loved one, as well as the Directors.  Your partner will be given tips and tools to assist them in their support of you. As we believe this programme is so important, it is offered free of charge to all Travel Counsellors.

"Gina was so enthused by what she learned and also by the friendliness and professionalism of the team at head office. She really did come back with a better understanding of not only the Travel Counsellors ethos but how she can really play a big part in developing and assisting me in my business. I wanted to say a big thank you for putting the partners event together and I strongly recommend it to other Travel Counsellors’ partners as it was a major stepping stone in developing my business further with Gina's valuable help."

Vaughan Davies

Travel Counsellor, Guernsey, UK


"I know Ralph has thanked the head office team for looking after me so well last Wednesday on the TC Partner Day, but I just wanted to personally say how much I enjoyed my visit to Travel Counsellors. It was great to meet everyone, especially the business development team who were so helpful and friendly and above all, professional. The training was excellent and helped me to understand how the company works and how Ralph fits into it all. The whole experience has made me want to get more involved in his work and help where I can. I walked out of there on Wednesday evening, rather sorry I wasn't going back on Thursday morning!"

Angela Warrington

Partner of Travel Counsellor, Ralph Warrington